About Us

We are here to help you pass your road test.  It’s not as difficult as most people make it out to be.  There are two requirements to passing your road test.  First, you have to know how to drive.  

If you do not know how to drive, click here.  You will be directed to our sister site where you can sign up for driving lesson.

The second requirement is that you have to know HOW to pass your road test.  Contrary to popular belief, most people think that once they are a great driver they will past the road test.

This is very, very far from the truth.  The New York State DMV do not reward you with a driver’s license because you are a great driver.  You are rewarded a driver’s license when you have demonstrated that you are a SAFE driver.

Want to learn how to become a safe driver?  Well, we are offering a free one hour masterclass next month and seats are disappearing quickly.  So, click the button below now to lock in your seat.

Come, let us show you how not to fail your road test.  Click below now.