How To Pass Your Road Test

Helpful Tips To Help You Pass Your Road Test

You Are The Key…

…to passing your road test.  So you ought to approach the test with a winning attitude.  In order to get that winning attitude you should be properly prepared to pass your road test.  

That is, you should have had the proper number of behind the wheels training sessions with a qualified driving instructor.  

There are some of you who bypass this step and practice with friends and relatives.  This is okay if those friends and relatives are teaching you to drive in a manner consistent with the Department Of Motor Vehicles.  

You see, most licensed drivers know how to drive but most licensed drivers have accumulated many bad habits over the years and, if they had to do another road test, would most likely fail.

If these are the people who are teaching you how to drive, you will be learning those same bad habits and amazingly, you will know how to drive but still fail your road test

You see, the driving examiner is not interested with how GREAT a driver you are; he/she is more interested in how SAFE a driver you are.

If you are not demonstrating that you are a safe driver on the day of your road test, you will fail.  Do you know what a short turn is?  Well most licensed drivers make turns too short.  

If you turn short on the day of you road test you will earn penalty points.  Too many penalty points (anything over 30 points) and you will be denied a license.

So my first recommendation to anyone who is now starting out (you have zero driving experience) is that you ought find a good driving school with competent driving instructors.  

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You ought to start with a 10 to 12 driving lessons package.  The more driving lessons you start out with the better.  You see, it’s far better to be over-trained than under-trained.  

You goal is to pass your road test on your very first or next try.  Here’s why: once you have tasted failure your mind expects you to fail again.  

More than likely, unless you do something drastically different (like control your mind and work on the reason(s) why you failed), you will fail again.

This means spending more money on driving lessons and the car for the road test again.  So, once more, I will repeat myself.  If you are looking to get you driver’s license, it is far less expensive to follow the advice I gave above.

I know a lot of you who want to cut corners, start out with very few driving lessons followed by many hours of watching Youtube videos.  This might work for a few but, sadly, it does not work for many.

This method usually leads to many failures, constantly switching driving schools and/or driving instructors, years of being without a driver’s license, money wasted and missed promotions (the promotion required a driver’s license).

Why risk failure?  Do it the right way and increase your chances of passing your road test.  Click here to sign up with a good driving school near you.

If knowing how to drive…

…was the sole reason for passing the road test, almost everyone would pass their road test.  Sadly, there are many students who are great drivers, yet fail.  

You see, in addition to being a good driver, you also need to know HOW to be safe driver.  

That is, you have to drive in a manner consistent with being what the driving examiner considers to be SAFE. Want to learn how to be a safe driver.  

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