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Last Year, More Than 50% Of NY Road Test Applicants Failed Their Road Test!

~Sad to say, but some of these applicants KNEW HOW TO DRIVE~

You see, 100% of the people who fail their road test get too many points. You don't have to be perfect to pass your road test but to pass you have to score 30 points or less on your road test.

Most driving schools do an awesome job of teaching students how to drive but very few teach them how to avoid getting those awful penalty points that cause you to fail.

Why fail? Click the button below to sign up for our 5 hour class and we will show you how to get zero points, pass your road test and earn a chance to win our 30 Days Challenge Contest and walk away with our $100 prize.

Grand Prize: You will then be automatically entered in our finals where you have a chance to win our Grand Prize of $1000.

What Is The 30 Day Challenge
And Why It Should Matter To You?

The 30 day challenge was created to help students get ZERO POINTS, pass their road test and get their driver’s license in 30 days or less.  

Entrance is free for anyone who took their 5 hour class at Fuzion Driving School.

Our goal for the next 12 months, is to help 7000 students get zero points and pass their road test in 30 days or less.

Why?  Why do I want to help you pass your road test and obtain a driver’s license in New York?

My goal, plain and simple, is to build goodwill with our students.  You see, we firmly believe that if we help you accomplish your goal, you will help us accomplish our goal. 

Our goal is to create 7000 brand ambassadors who will spread the word about Fuzion Driving School and its ability to help students become safe, courteous, defensive and confident drivers who are to pass their road test in New York.

Why safe drivers?  Safe drivers create Safer Streets.  Last year, 254 people lost their lives to motor vehicular accidents.

Our goal at Fuzion Driving School is to reduce that number to zero.  Ready to help us in our mission?

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Here’s what you’ll get when you
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Free Entry In Our 30 Days Challenge - And a chance to not only get your driver's license in 30 days or less but an opportunity to walk away with $5000 in cash. Click here for contest rules and discover what you have to do to win.

My personal guarantee - I give you my personal guarantee that you will not be bored. You will not fall asleep in our 5 hour class because our 5 hour class is engaging and entertaining. In addition, we will show you how to get zero points so you can pass your road test. I promise to give you more than you paid for.

Mailing option - You no longer have to pick up the certificate. You are now able to pay for shipping and have the certificate mailed to you.

Convenience- You do not have to come to us. You can do our 5 hour class from any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection and a cell phone or computer and a NYS learners permit.

Four weeks of tips and tricks in your email: so you can become a safe driver, get zero points on your road test, obtain your NYS driver's license and win our $1000 grand prize; look out for 4 weeks of tips and tricks that you can implement while you are learning how to drive.

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5 hour class review
5 hour class review
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