Parallel Parking Cheat Sheet


Learn how to parallel park like a pro even if you are now starting out.  If you can turn the steering one revolution to the left and lock it to the right, parking will be a breeze.


Planning to live in New York?  You have to be able to parallel park.

So, parallel parking is a very fundamental part of your road test in New York.

Park too far from the curb and you will acquire penalty points, hit the curb and you will fail.

Unable to properly parallel park?  You will not be issued a driver’s license in New York.

Want to learn a simple, step by step, yet effective method for parallel parking so you can avoid getting penalty points or hitting the curb and failing?

Grab your copy of the Parallel Parking Cheat Sheet.

Discovered the simple techniques that I have shared with my students over the past 40 years that turn newbies in pros at parallel parking.

Or you can pass this opportunity and return to watching conflicting Youtube videos that will leave you more confused than when you started.