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Want To Pass Your Road Test In New York Now ?

What's Inside

A Detailed, Step By Step System To Help You Pass

It's like having me literally take you by the hand and guide you from the moment you enter your vehicle on the day of your road test until you return to the road test site and turn the ignition off.

Unsure what to do the moment you enter your vehicle on the day of your road test?  You don't have to be.  In our Getting Started module or module 1, we show you exactly what to do and the order in which to do it so you don't mess it up.

Does your parallel parking technique suck?  Do you always end up hitting the curb or get confused about which way to turn the wheel?  

Well if you can turn your steering wheel one revolution to the right and lock it to the left, module 6 will make parking like a walk in the park.

Concerned about switching lanes because you don't know where to look, when to look or if it's safe to switch lanes?  

Module 3 addresses that and provides you with a detailed, step by step solution that will have you switching lanes like a pro.

Are you scared stiff about having to do a 3 point turn?  Unsure of where you should be looking or in which direction to turn your steering wheel?  Worry no more.

Mod #7 provides you with a simple guide on how to make 3 point turns.  If you can remember Drive, Reverse, Drive; Lock Left, Lock Right, Lock Left; making 3 point turns will not be a problem.

These and much, much more are available to you when you reserve you seat for our upcoming, interactive masterclass over zoom.  Don't delay as we have limited seating available.  

The choice is now in your hands.  Will you click the button below now to lock in your seat?

What Failing My First Road Test Meant To Me!

I don't know what failing your road test would mean to you but here's what it meant to me:

  • More money spent:  I had to pay for more lessons and the car for the road test again.
  • Failing my second road test.  You see, once I had failed my first road test, I was scared stiff of failing again.  Guess what?  I failed again.  This meant more money spent on lessons and car for road test.  
  • Did not get the job promotion I was going after.  It required a driver's license.
  • Had to get out of bed very,  very  early as I no choice but to continue taking the bus to work.
  • Time:  What should have taken me a few weeks to obtain stretched out to almost a year.
  • Couldn't take my significant other on that road trip I promised,   She was disappointed but understanding.  I felt awful, a blow to my manhood.


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